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Will We Know Each Other in Heaven?

I believe we will know each other in heaven. If our memory is erased and we do not recall, nor remember what happened on earth, it seems to me to take away from what has happened to us.

The passage in Matthew 22:30 about neither marrying nor giving in marriage in the resurrection, does not have anything to do with this question. All that passage is saying is that we will not have the emotional ties and the sexual appeal that we had on earth. But that does not do away with our intellectual capacities. To know who Abraham is, and to know that I can speak to him, and perhaps talk about various things that happened on earth would be a comfort, as well as a thrilling experience. If there is no knowledge of anything on earth, to me, that takes away from the appeal of being in heaven.

Here are some of the passages that I would use to indicate my thesis:1.

Job 19:25-27. If Job was able to see God, and to see him in the flesh, after the change in the nature of our bodies, that would seem to say that, after the resurrection of the body, the personality and the identity of a person will be preserved in the resurrected person.2.

Revelation 6:9-10. The people in this picture were already dead. However, they were conscious of their surroundings. They knew who they were, and that they had been murdered, and they were thinking about what the punishment of the enemies of God should be, and when it ought to come to those on the earth. So, their intellects were intact.3.

II Samuel 12:23. David said about the child he had lost. “Can I bring him back again? I shall go to him, but he will not return to me.” This seems to suggest that when he goes to his child he would be conscious of being in the child’s presence.4.

One of the best pictures of knowing after death is Luke 16:19-31. This allows us to know some of the things that might happen in the future after death. All of the characters in this scene had died, yet they are conscious, and aware of their surroundings. They are also aware of who went to torment, or if something was not done, who might go to torment. The rich man knew he had brothers back on earth. All of the ones who had died possessed a memory of the world that they had lived in. Abraham’s words to the rich man were, “Son, remember.” I believe this is a direct inference that we will know each other.

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